About Us

JBA is a leader in integrating digital solutions with the market practices of talent acquisition. We specialize in connecting talented, innovative professionals with leading companies looking to hire high-tech, legal, administrative and financial talent.

Our Offerings:

JBA has four main services: talent acquisition, corporate training, employer branding, and digital marketing.

Talent Acquisition | We complement internal recruiters and offer staffing solutions to meet companies’ project, contract-to-hire and full-time employment needs.

Corporate Training | We work with subject matter specialists to create winning instructional design.

Employer Branding | We work with leading minds in the digital-creative space to generate innovative content to attract candidates to company brands.

Digital Marketing | We work with medium size companies managing their digital media process for them.

Our History:

JBA was founded in the 1988 by a female computer scientist who saw a market for supporting companies through building a consultancy. Thus, Jacqueline Buickians and Associates (JBA) was formed.

Throughout the years, demand set in for recruitment and we expanded our services in this area. We increased the variety of staff for different positions, expanding our company focus from technology to fields like accounting, legal, marketing, administrative, and most recently, warehouse support.

Today, JBA provides services beyond recruitment, supporting companies with creative services like digital marketing, employer branding, and training. Our services add value to our clients in this evolving global market.

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