5 Characteristics of Sales People (Aussie Perspective)

Finding Sales people: 5 characteristics to look for.

I recently came across an article written for wfla.com titled “5 characteristics of extraordinary salespeople.” We’ve all heard the same things before, sales should be relentless, resilient, persistent, and optimistic in their approach to finding clients. They should be cool, easy going, but serious and exude mental toughness.

The article outlined the 5 other ways sales are extraordinary:
Drive to Achieve: sure, money is important, but so is winning, sales like to win. Money is there, and its a great perk. But at the end, they see it as a game, what can they say to convince the client to work with them.
Unflappable: Great salespeople are calm, they can keep their cool, and not get discouraged when deals fall apart, or when clients choose not to work with them.
Control: Sales are detailed people, attentive to the entire deal process to make sure they are not blind sided by anything.
Loyal: Sales people check in with customers to see how they are doing. They don’t sell a product, and then disappear. You never know, that $1,000 customer may turn into a $1,000,000 one in a few years, or may refer you to a $10,000,000 one.
Paranoid: Sales are aware of any threats to their business with clients, if that means new markets, new products, they are there to help the client stay ahead so they need to be prepared for changes that may occur.

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