4 Tips for Running Sales Meetings

Sales Meetings are one of the hardest types of meetings to run. The team should be ready to tackle the market, but there is an element of seriousness to go over targets that aren’t being met.
Inc Magazine taped a short video of Todd Simon of Omaha Steaks, explaining how his almost 100 year old company conducts sales meetings.
Though it was a short video— 53 seconds, there is so much information that can be taken from it. Especially since Omaha Steaks is almost a 100 years old company, growing strong with an appearance on Hell’s Kitchen on Dec. 10

4 Tips from Video:
1. Get together once a week for sales meetings, go over key indicators for the business
2. Go over what is happening in the business,
3. What help do individuals need to reach their targets
4. Set up an agenda: Review metrics by each area of business, review metrics with group, if they need to go deeper with individuals, then go deeper with them.

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